Marc Cervera, sculptor and painter

    Marc Cervera works as a Freelancer as much for individual customers as for small structures. Supplying help and advice, he sculpts for companies which wish to produce, figurines and models in small or average quantity by creating for them a "Master" sculpture. He collaborates with Olivier Saint-Lot for several years on the finalization of models developed for the army and the suppliers of equipment, in the 1/48th and 1/10th, within Quarter Kit situated in the district of Bercy (Paris).

   Figurines painter, but most of all sculptor, he admits an immense passion for the Lovecraft universe, working and developing various models, inspired by the master of horror. His passion leads him towards more uncommon territories, having worked on models of zombies and as such I invite you to discover Alfred's magnificent bronze or its extremely suggestive series of Nazi's zombies, based on an existing range and that he carefully modified.



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