Tiffanie Uldry

    Born in Saône-et-Loire in 1990, Tiffanie Uldry draws since she knows how to hold a pencil. To draw holds so much pleasure as the need for her; and thus naturally once she has obtained her High school diploma, she's admitted in 2008 at the school Émile Cohl (Lyon), which trains in artistic and graphic arts. She will stay there 3 years but will choose to put one foot in the professional world from 2008 by realizing main works (covers, publication for Fleurus…).

    Tiffanie is fascinated by the dreamlike, the fantastic, the alternative and disturbing universes. The XIXth century and the "Belle Epoque" are a part of its main inspirations. Although profoundly influenced by the black romanticism, the Art Nouveau and the Symbolism, Tiffanie also feeds on influences of today, in various domains (photography, fashion or contemporary art). Her drawings evoke the past, the past populated with enchantresses and with gentlemen; and are recognizable thanks to their numerous details. Even if her practice is above all illustrative, she can adapt herself to various styles and also expresses herself through the dance and the sewing, which allow her to develop her universe and to share it under other forms.

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